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Augusta Maine Insulation Contractor, Quantum Performance Building Products offers a wide choice of insulation materials.  We offer Open Cell Icynene Spray Foam Insulation, Icynene Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation, Roxul Batt Insulation, Fiberglass Batt Insulation, and Fiberglass Bib Insulation Systems.  Quantum is Maine’s top insulation contractor doing hundreds of projects a year.  We are family owned and operated going into our 11th year as an insulation contractor.  Quantum is the Augusta Maine Insulation Contractor.

The Job

The below job is a mid size metal building that we sprayed Augusta Maine with Icynene Closed Cell Spray Foam.  We used the spray foam insulation for the thermal envelope and used Roxul for sound in the interior walls.

We generally use spray foam insulation in the exterior walls and roof.  This is because it is by far the best insulation material on the market today.  This is due to the fact that the material is an air barrier.  Roxul is not.  There is no way to make a product like Roxul or fiberglass perform as good as a spray foam in the exterior envelope.  How do we know this?  We know this from experience.  By far Spray Foam Insulation offers our clients the best experience and we get the most positive feedback from that product.  Fiberglass and Roxul insulation have their place to but that is pretty much on the interior walls only.


The client was extremely happy.  The job was done on time.  The building performed as it should.  The job site was clean when we left!


Augusta Maine Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Bangor Maine Insulation Contractor

Bangor Maine’s Insulation Contractor.

Quantum Performance Building Products is the Bangor Maine insulation contractor.  Here is a job we did in Down East Maine.  We put 9 inches of closed cell spray foam in the roofdeck.  Therefore, we had to do multiple passes with our gun on the roofdeck.  This made the job especially challenging because the whole roofdeck needed staging in a few areas.  We used Icynene HFO spray foam insulation for the envelope and used Roxul insulation for sound insulation.  Overall, we were able to keep the customer on schedule because we worked as a team and had more than one team going to install the insulation.  We had two spray foam insulation crews and fiber insulation crew onsite to get this job done on time.  We are the most experience insulation contractor in the sate.  If you want your insulation job right give us a call!



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Past Jobs Spray Foam Insulation

Maine Insulation Contractor

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Using Double Rigs To Spray Foam Insulation! Getting the Jobs Done On Time

At Quantum we have the ability of sending multiple rigs to one site.  This helps us get jobs done quicker while not sacrificing quality of workmanship.  We provide spray foam insulation all over the state of Maine.  From Bar Harbor to Rockland to Portland and beyond.  Give us a call if you need a job sprayed the right way and completed on schedule.  We are Maines insulation contractor.


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Maine Waterproofing Services Past Jobs

Maine Concrete Waterproofing Contractor

Here is a job we just did.  This was a very technical job with differing grades all around.  Hoagie and Bob did an excellent job!  Give us a call!  207-342-3077


Past Jobs Spray Foam Insulation

Maine’s SprayFoam Insulation Contractor

10 Years in and Icynene Classic is still the BEST!

Another sprayfoam insulation job well done in Falmouth, Maine.  We used Icynene Classic which is by far the best open cell foam out there on the market.

  • 100 percent water blown technology.  This means that there is zero off gassing with this product.  The R-value stays the same over time it does not degrade.  Petroleum blowing agents do not leach into your house.
  • zero VOC
  • Green Gaurd Certified
  • Provides a complete air barrier around the entire envelope
  • Creates a great sound barrier between the indoor environment and outdoor environment
  • Does not trap Moisture
  • Will not allow a dewpoint to occur in your wall because it does not allow warm air to penetrate and hit your cold sheathing.
  • Expands 100:1 and fill just about any cavity that will exist in even the most complex framing
  • Does not include boric acid/insecticide like cellulose
  • Is 100 percent inert once it is cured
  • Zero Dust
  • Zero Settling
  • Most of all it is AFFORDABLE!

Past Jobs Spray Foam Insulation Suggested Articles

Maine Spray Foam Insulation In Portland


Check out the write up a on a new building we insulated in Portland.  At Quantum we are very happy to have taken part in this wonderful project.  As Portland grows we are doing our part help keep the energy consumption down as much as possible.  Give us a shout if your are interested in learning more about saving energy while not breaking the bank on the upfront costs!  We are Maine’s Spray Foam Insulation Experts! 207-342-3077


First hotels, then short-term rentals, now city’s getting its first hostel

Past Jobs Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Portland Maine

Here is a picture of a large scale growing facility we sprayed in Southern Maine.  We used Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation.  This was a perfect situation for a growing facility.  The owner was concerned about moisture build up on the metal during the cold months and keeping the building cool during the summer months.  This person has created a perfect building envelope that he can control very easily.  Around 95% of the heat transfer is being stopped with this package.  We also sprayed the steel framing as well to cut down on condensation.

Past Jobs Spray Foam Insulation

Falmouth Maine Sprayfoam Insulation

Installing Icynene Classic to a cathedral roof in the Southern Maine area


At this job we installed R-20 in the roof and R-13 in the walls.  We actually can still meet the building code requirements with these R-values.  Talk to Peter Jr for information regarding that.  At those R-values we are stopping almost 90 percent of the heat coming the wall/roof.  Adding more R-value really would not enhance the performance at this point.  This works because foam is an “air barrier”.  We are stopping the movement of air which is the largest transport of both heat and moisture!  This is a great product that has been on the market for 35 Years!  We love it and have had great luck with it.


Maine Waterproofing Services Past Jobs

Maine Waterproofing Contractor

Installing Below Grade Ruberized Waterproofing Membrane
This picture Shows the angle used to match the grade line.



This project was done doing the later fall before winter set in and we had cold temps to deal with.  These types of products really like to be installed above 30 degrees.  This is an asphalt based rubber waterproofing membrane.  This type of waterproofing is very good in our climate because it stretches.  As the foundation goes through its freeze and thaw cycle cracks appear over time.  This type of membrane will help to bridge those gaps over time giving the waterproofing membrane a longer life and keeps your basement dry.

Quantum Performance Building Products is a full service insulation and waterproofing company.  We offer a full range of waterproofing products.  Some of our products are listed below.

1.) Fully Rubberized Waterproofing Membranes

2.) Above Grade water and air barriers.  Both sheet and fluid applied.

3.) Protection panels to cover our water proofing products.  This product is very important to the waterproofing system.  It is a fiber board that creates a barrier between the dirt and waterproofing membrane.  Over time, rocks and dirt run up against the membrane and can shorten its life if its not protected with a boar.

Adding a Protection/Drain Panel really helps with the overall lifetime of the membrane.
Past Jobs Spray Foam Insulation

Installing Insulation Portland Maine

Job Description:

At this job we sprayed Icynene Classic Spray Foam Insulation to the underside of the roofdeck.  This allowed the customer to bring all of there hot air heat runs inside the building envelope.  If this space was empty and the customer did not need it heated we would spray down to the floor.  Bringing the heat runs into the envelope helps with the over all efficiency of the heating system.

This is an excellent Insulation System.  At the thicknesses used here we are stopping around 95% of the heat flow through the cavity.  The only way to make this roof any more efficient would be to add rigid board to either the inside or outside.  That would help to cut the heat transfer through the wood studs.  However, wood is a very poor conductor of heat.  I would consider adding blue board as a premium package and is not needed to build a very efficient house.