Maine Spray On Bed Liner

Maine Bed Liner!  Quantum Performance Building Products has created a new automotive division for applying bed liners.   We are opening our shop on thursdays and fridays.  Gives a call to reserve your spot!


Prices and Scheduling

Regular 8 foot bed is $499
Double Thickness Options Available
Scheduling now for Thursdays and Fridays

Location- 22 main street north Building #4 in Searsmont

Phone- 207-342-3077

Please call for information regarding our mobile onsite spraying as well!

RoughGuard™ drum sets

VersaFlex ROUGHGUARD™ is a fast set, rapid curing, 100% solids, flexible, two-component polyurea elastomer spray coating material. ROUGHGUARD is used by itself or in combination with other materials to produce liners on metal and other composite bed substrates. Its extremely fast gel time makes it suitable for applications down to -20°F without special conditioning of the component resins and isocyanates. ROUGHGUARD produces an extremely tough film at all thicknesses. Single or multiple pass applications produce films from 10 mils to 1000 mils without appreciable sag or runs. ROUGHGUARD may be applied in all positions and to any suitably prepared substrate. ROUGHGUARD is inert, it will not hydrolyze, leach, or contaminate other materials, and is bondable and paintable. ROUGHGUARD is relatively moisture and temperature insensitive, allowing uses in all weather. VersaFlex ROUGHGUARD is an extreme performance system for bed liners.

ROUGHGUARD is flexible, accommodating movement of the substrate, yet strong enough to remain intact under all conditions except major structural dislocations. With or without reinforcements, ROUGHGUARD may be used in transitional areas with confidence. ROUGHGUARD may be used in interior or exterior applications. Being aromatic based, some color fade may occur in outdoor applications. ROUGHGUARD is also recommended for repair of other bedliner systems (with proper preparation), may be applied to metal and other composite bed substrates.


Our Service Area Includes
  • Belfast, Maine
  • Camden, Maine
  • Rockland, Maine
  • Augusta, Maine
  • Bangor, Maine
  • Ellsworth, Maine
  • Bucksport, Maine
  • Searsport, Maine
  • Lincolnville, Maine
  • Rockport, Maine
  • Northport, Maine
  • Thomaston, Maine

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