New!! Stone Foundation Waterproofing System Maine

New!! Stone Foundation Waterproofing System Maine

NEW SYSTEM!  Existing Foundation Waterproofing System.  Patent Pending.

Quantum is proud to be offering a new proprietary system.  This stone foundation waterproofing system is an insulation and waterproofing membrane done in a single step.  It is unlike any waterproofing system on the market.  We can literally waterproof any kind of foundation in any condition!  The material is hard as a rock and will not break down over time or scrape off.  This system truly is in a league of its own.  Below are a few areas where you would want to us this system.

  1. Spray Closed Cell Foam Over Foundation Walls
  2. Apply A Rhino Bedliner Type Material Over Foam
  • Field Stone or Rock Foundations
  • Old Cracked Concrete Foundations
  • New Foundations In Areas With High Water Table
  • Foundations On Ledge

Foundations That Will Have A Finished BasementAbove is a picture of installing this waterproofing system on an old concrete foundation.  The walls were cracked and water was leaking in multiple areas.  It may look like regular tar waterproofing from the picture.  Don’t be fooled.  The black material here sets up in 10 seconds.  It is solidifies so hard that a sledge hammer wont break the material.  However, it is still stretchable and not rigid.  Normal tar can only be put on around 60 mils thick which is not enough.  We can make this material 10 inches thick if we want!!  Water will never make its way through this material.   This product is literally used to make swimming pools so rest assure it will not leak!

Stone foundation waterproofing.  Here was an old stone foundation sitting on ledge at the bottom of a hill.  The worst possible situation.   In the spring time there was a river running below the house in the basement.  It had been doing that since the building was constructed.  The customer could have jacked the building and put a new foundation under it with regular waterproofing.  That is an expensive stressful process.   With our system the customer was able to stay in their home.  We applied our product and now it is water tight and insulated all in one shot.  Quantum is revolutionizing stone foundation waterproofing.

This picture shows the system being completed with the final step.

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