Maine Spray Foam Insulation!

Maine Spray Foam Insulation!

Installing Icynene Spray Foam Insulation in Yarmouth, Maine at the new Wescustogo Community Center. Thanks for the opportunity to serve the community and provide the Town of Yarmouth with extremely efficient building!

Quantum Spray Foam Insulation Truck Parked Outside new Community Center
Spray Foam Insulation work started in the Main Hall areas. This is Icynene Classic Spray Foam. This product has been on the market for 30 Years! Most documented product on the market.

At the Wescustogo Community Hall we installed our Icynene Classic Spray Foam Insulation. The town really wanted to find what the best product would be to stay on budget while not sacrificing efficiency. The original plan called for an extremely high R-70 spray foam system. The price was obviously very high and really unrealistic. The team at Quantum explained to the town through a sophisticated energy model that we could achieve the same performance with just R-20. This is due to the fact that sprayfoam insulation stops about 95 percent of heat flow at R-20. Putting more than that in is simply a waste of money. Feel free to look at our pas article regarding spray foam insulation and the economic thickness.

The net result was that we provided a system to the town that was drastically less than the original for a fraction of the cost.

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Below are a few reason why we use Icynene Classic Spray Foam Insulation on many of our projects.

  • We recommend using Icynene Open Cell Spray Foam
  • The number one reason is that it is water blown. This means that there are no harmful blowing agents in the material.
  • The only gas that exists within the material is air. Therefore, there is no off gassing with this product. It also means that there is no gas within it that can break down the insulation over time. That was a problem about 10 years ago when people were digging into houses sprayed with closed cell which used a poor blowing agent. The foam had broken down over time. This supposed to not be happening any more.
  • Icynene Open Cell has 30 years of documented use in northern climates. Some of the closed cells we are spraying now are only 6 months old. They have been constantly reformulating closed cell spray foams over the past 30 years to make them healthier and more affordable. So how do we know those products will still be performing well 20 years from now. With Icynene Open Cell we know because of its history.
  • Icynene Open Cell is vapor open. This will allow any moisture that does get in will always be able to get out. One common issue we have seen over the years is below windows or doors that were not flashed correctly. Water was able to get in. When closed cell foam was used we found rotting because that moisture was not allowed to get out.
  • With all open cells or closed cells if not installed properly there can be issues. However, if installed correctly those issues don’t exist. With open cell sometimes there can be some pull away from the studs if the material is too hot. This is fixed very easily by going around the whole building and just touching up with the gun in those areas. You don’t see this happen much with closed cell. However, if the wall is damp the closed cell will not adhere at all. The point is if a product is not installed correctly then you may see pull away but it really is not something that should be factored into your decision on what product to use. Just make sure those areas are touched up.
  • Open cell absorbs about 80 percent of reflective sound. Closed Cell absorbs about 30 percent.
  • The payback with our open cell performance system is 1-2 years over fiberglass compared to around 10 years with a closed cell R-49 system.

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